Nixie Tube Clocks by Nixie Team

Love retro technology? Then, the nixie tube clock is for you

What Is a Nixie Tube Clock?

This unique, handmade clock is based on gas-discharge indicators, also known as the nixie bulb clock. These vintage vacuum tubes were produced in the USSR and GDR until 1993 and are now rare and highly sought-after collectibles.

Nixie tubes were first developed in the early 1950s by a team of engineers at Burroughs Corporation. The name "nixie" comes from "NIX I", the designation for Burroughs' first commercial nixie tube. These early tubes were used in electronic calculators and other display devices. Nixie tubes fell out of favor in the 1970s as LED and LCD technology became more prevalent. However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in these vintage bulbs, due to their unique appearance and warm glow.

With their warm glow and vintage charm, our nixie bulb clocks will undoubtedly become the center of attention in any space. Each clock is made one at a time with great care and attention to detail: all nixie tubes have a natural wood stand and a solid brass base.

We ensure that each customer gets a quality product they can be proud of.

About Company

  • NixieTeam has been producing nixie tube clocks for 4 years. Starting from 2018 we have already made 1,634 sales and more than 350 customers remarked on our professional service, the quality of our product assembly, and our exquisite design.
  • Eugene, the founder of the company from Ukraine, appreciates his brainchild and treats each client with respect. The main feature of his approach is to meet the needs of each client at the agreed time and according to the agreed product standards.

Why NixieTeam is best?

Best quality

Our vintage nixie tube clocks are:

  • subtle and simple designed
  • unique handmade
  • high quality built
Variety of clock designs

We have a variety of clock designs and styles to choose from. With a wide range of styles, materials, and dimensions to choose from, you'll be able to discover the ideal clock for your house or workplace.

Full cycle control

From start to finish, we make each clock by hand. We acquire nixie tubes from reliable sellers and collectors, and we thoroughly test each one to ensure that it meets our stringent standards.

Customer centricity

We value every customer and strive to meet all customer needs and provide the product quickly and reliably:

  • We ensure that each of our nixie tube clocks will come with a power adaptor and matching plug.
  • Usually delivery of the product in the U.S. takes from 2 weeks to 1 month. But if we once agreed on terms with a client, we are doing our best to maintain them.
  • We also support our clients during all lifetime of our product and offer 24 month warranty.